Professional career

During my university studies in Musicology at the Jordan Academy of Music I collected during my activities as a piano and keyboard teacher as well as a music teacher in kindergarten valuable educational experiences. After my musicological studies, I got the job as an arranger and keyboard player in the Jordanian radio broadcast band, which I gave up in favor of a new music teaching job at a general private school.

In Germany I continued my teaching activities. Activities at the municipal music schools, Dortmund and Hamm, especially in the field of early musical education and instrumental lessons (piano / keyboard / flute) and within the framework of the programme "An Instrument for Every Child" / "Jedem Kind ein Instrument" (Jeki) provided my work with valuable, new educational impetus.

For my future career development and out of interest I took occasional activities as a substitute teacher at a vocational college for prospective educators as well as at general education schools. In addition, I give workshops for various music education topics (Orff Music Education; Music lessons with children with behavioural disorders; instrumental group lessons).

From September 2010 to April 2014 I conducted at the Moers Music School the Department of keyboard instruments and vocals, where I was responsible for the work of a 15-member team of music teachers. Since September 2013 and May 2014 respectively I have been teaching piano and keyboard at the music school Ratingen and at the Moers Music School, and since my move in May 2013 with joy for new students in Dusseldorf.