Teaching concept

Students of all ages and levels: preschool children, adolescents, adults or seniors as well as beginners to advanced are most warmly welcome to join my classes. 
Also, now belong to my clients persons with various restrictions such as dyslexia, ADHD and autism.


I'm musically versatile and accordingly is also my offer. Music such as classical, jazz and popular music are also part of my repertoire as well (on request) Oriental music. I do not only act on the requestes and according to the wishes and preferences of my students, but I adjust myself to the individual development of each customer.


I create my lessons thematically and methodically so diverse that broad music education accents are integrated into the lesson. Play by ear, improvisation, song accompaniment, harmonization of melodies and (for small children) the combination of music with movement and / or pictorial forms are now one of the solid parts of my teaching concept.


Upon request, the lessons can be held in German, English or Arabic.